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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 18, 2022
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The more steps each page carries, the fewer page jumps are carried out. On the contrary, the fewer steps each page carries, the more necessary it is. More page jumps to help with tasks. However 1. The more steps a page carries, the more information will whatsapp Database be provided on this page, and the user's cognitive and learning pressure will naturally increase, "you will not be able to find what to do here". 2. The more jumps between pages, the greater the chance that users will go to the wrong page, "will often feel that they don't know where to go". Popular practices in whatsapp Database current design: Jesse James Garrett mentioned that the jump between pages is generally what the structural layer should do in the five layers of user experience design. While the style and layout of the controls and text in the specific interface are things to be considered by the framework layer. That is to say, generally determine the whatsapp Database number of jumps before determining how each page can better carry the steps required to complete the task. As for whether this is the most reasonable? I think further thinking is needed. How to let users complete their tasks more smoothly? The following points may whatsapp Database deserve attention. 1. Reasonable page information focus. In addition to carrying several steps required to complete a certain task, each page often has other steps of related or similar tasks. And let the page do a certain thing more cleanly, the burden on the user may be less. Reasonable operation steps are associated. Several steps of the same task carried on a page should be closely related and closely related. Put steps whatsapp Database with relatively small contextual relevance on the previous or next page to operate. 3. Appear at a reasonable time. Only when the user's focus is on the step that needs to be done at the moment, information about that step appears instantly. This can not only help users complete operations whatsapp Database faster, reduce the user's learning burden at the moment, but also help users reduce the pressure when cognition of the overall page.
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Mim Chowdhury

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