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sukanto Kuri
Jul 07, 2022
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Hold down the Ctrl key, click the mask, load the selection, and then you can replace the background image at will. 2.2 Use "channel" to cut out Principle: Use the channel to save the color characteristics, let the color calculate to get the selection area, and establish the channel to create the selection area. Scope of application: Extract detailed images such as human hair and animal hair. Method flaws: It is not suitable for pictures with little difference between light and dark, such as the overall bright, or the overall dark. Steps: (1) Duplicate the channel. Open the channel panel, and select a channel with stronger color contrast among the red, green, and blue channels to copy. The reason for duplication is to prevent destroying the Image Manipulation Service original layer. (2) Level assist. Click "Image→Adjust→Levels", move the small black triangle to the right, continuously adjust and change the level of dark tones, move the small white triangle to the left, and adjust the level of light tones accordingly, so that the characters and background in the image are all the same. Corresponding tones can be effectively separated. You can also increase the contrast to the maximum by adjusting the "Brightness/Contrast" and "Curve" commands. (3) Other tools to assist. At this point, the characters have basically been separated from the background, and then use the brush tool to process the details (use a white brush for the part that needs to be whitened, otherwise, use a black brush), if the required processing If the area is large, you can first use a pen or a lasso to build a selection area and fill the selection area with the specified color. By using brushes, lasso, etc. to assist, make the entire image into a rendering of only black and white. (4) Shortcut keys to complete the selection.

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